MAJOR NEWS: In November 2022, as part of the wonderful ROGAN PRODUCTIONS team, Keith won an INTERNATIONAL EMMY, and ROSE d' OR, award for the OFFICIAL documentary, FREDDIE MERCURY: THE FINAL ACT, so proud...

BREAKING NEWS! 05/02/20 - Marilyn TV drama series, based on Keith's definitive biography, The Final Years, major new development, Seven Seas Films (in the UK) have teamed up with 101 Studios in Los Angeles... The production will be the very first to be endorsed by the Marilyn Monroe Estate... More news soon, Watch this space!!...

Monday 15 April 2013

March 2013

(30) America – Important movie tip-off! The new, highly-anticipated Monroe documentary, Love, Marilyn debuts in America on HBO on June 17. Watch this space for more news shortly.

(28) Amazon, Italy – Further book chart action! Canada’s obviously not the only one that loves Marilyn. Some eight months after its release, Keith’s book on the actress climbed back to the impressive n.3 spot in the site’s “Kindle Store > eBook Kindle > Arte, cinema e fotografia > Cinema e television” section and the n.33 position in the site’s book “Arte, musica e cinema > Cinema e television” category.

The impressive news didn’t end there. On the same day, the chart placings on Amazon in America revealed that the hardback edition of Keith’s book had risen to the #6 ranking in the “Biographies & Memoirs > People, A-Z > ( M ) > Monroe, Marilyn” section on the site. (Words fail me!)

(27) Amazon, Canada – The country certainly loves the great lady. Today, a little under three weeks since pre-orders started being taken, Keith’s Marilyn book leapt up to the #2 position in the “Books > Biographies & Memoirs > People, A-Z > ( M ) > Monroe, Marilyn” section on the site and the #34 spot in the “Biographies & Memoirs > Arts & Literature > Entertainers” and the #70 position in the “Biographies & Memoirs > Specific Groups > Women” sections on the site. Incredible, considering the softback publication is not due for release for another 9 months!!!!

- While on the same day, Keith’s article on David Bowie’s appearance on a 1978 edition of ITV’s The London Weekend Show was published in Record Collector magazine.

(26) South London – Keith spent another, highly enjoyable day with his old mate, Tel. Projects were discussed (and wine was consumed), Watch this space for further info on the exciting plans that were kicked-about.

(23) LinkedIn - Keith received a rather important connection invite on LinkedIn... from Marilyn Monroe's photographer and close-friend, George Barris! (Thank you, George. It was a real pleasure to hear from you.)

- BBC Four, England – On the same day, another of KB’s TV shows hit the airwaves when BBC Four in England gave the December 1999 show, It’s Slade another airing.

(21) Italy – The success rolls on! Some eight months after its release onto the market, the Italian version of Keith’s book on the late, truly great Marilyn Monroe leapt to the No.3 position on the ‘Bestsellers Arte, cinema e fotografia > Cinema e televisione’ section on Amazon Italy.

- While on the same day, during the afternoon to be precise, on Amazon in Canada, the US/ English language, paperback edition of the book stood at an impressive #16 in the ‘Biographies & Memoirs > People, A-Z > ( M ) > Monroe, Marilyn’ section on the site.

(18) West End, London – Another trip into London, this time to catch-up with John and Erik, easily two of the world’s leading Beatles film/video/audio collectors. Following a most delightful lunch, Keith was treated to a simply amazing, 90-minute feast of totally rare/ previously unseen Fab Four footage and audio. (Thank you, guys, it was an absolute privilege!)

- Get this, here’s another one for the “You couldn’t make it up” department. Prior to seeing his two great American friends, Keith ventured into Leicester Square, turned right towards Piccadilly and found himself in… the area especially cordoned off for the Red-carpet, London premiere of the new action-movie, G.I. Joe: Retaliation at the Empire Theatre. With the star-spotters already lined-up behind the railings, no doubt quite a few of them were totally confused by the sight of Mr Badman’s somewhat unintended appearance.

(14) Good Book Guide – A reference to Keith’s Marilyn book appeared in yet another recent edition of The Good Book Guide. It read, “If you thought you'd heard all there is to know about Marilyn Monroe, her life and death then think again.” (Thank you all!)

(11) Canada – Er, simply incredible! Some eight months (yes eight months) before its release, the paperback edition of Keith’s Marilyn book climbed to the #5 position in the “Books > Biographies & Memoirs > People, A-Z > ( M ) > Monroe, Marilyn” section on Amazon Canada. (“I’m speechless!”)

(9) Texas, USA – Good Ol’ Freda received its World Premiere at 5pm at the Vimeo Theater as part of the prestigious SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. (Well done, Peggy McCabe, Kathy McCabe, Ryan White and, of course, Freda Kelly for doing this. Really proud of you all.)

(6) BAFTAs, London – Freshly spruced-up, Keith was a guest at another top, top night at the BAFTAs in Piccadilly, London. Organised by AP, it focused on their new Movietone compilation entitled The Roxy. (Thanks to Alan, Jenny, and Obi for another, truly superb evening.)

(5) Berkshire – Keith begin work on his long-mooted movie/ stills documentary production, A Life in A Day.