MAJOR NEWS: In November 2022, as part of the wonderful ROGAN PRODUCTIONS team, Keith won an INTERNATIONAL EMMY, and ROSE d' OR, award for the OFFICIAL documentary, FREDDIE MERCURY: THE FINAL ACT, so proud...

BREAKING NEWS! 05/02/20 - Marilyn TV drama series, based on Keith's definitive biography, The Final Years, major new development, Seven Seas Films (in the UK) have teamed up with 101 Studios in Los Angeles... The production will be the very first to be endorsed by the Marilyn Monroe Estate... More news soon, Watch this space!!...

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Monday 14 September 2015

July 2015... Summer's almost here...

(31) Central London – With the Rock And Roll Circus project slowly gaining momentum, Keith headed back into London to meet old friend Alan G. Parker and one of the top literary agents, KT Forster.

(30) South London – Our Mr Badman spent an enjoyable afternoon, discussing future projects, with old mucker, Tel Rawlings.

(29) Leafy Berkshire – Another meeting in Windsor with the legendary 60s/70s photographer, Mike Randolph. Top of the agenda, their Rock And Roll Circus photographs project.

-UK – Many thanks to Anna Dayanion for her five-star rating and review of Marilyn on “Great book good read,” she said. “Thanks, Anna, I appreciate it.”

(27) Leafy Berkshire – Its came around fast, but today was Record Collector deadline day. Under the archival microscope this time; Ringo Starr’s March 1973 appearance, to promote That’ll Be The Day, on LWT’s then top-rated Saturday night chat show, Russell Harty Plus.
- Italy - Thanks to Di Federica for his 5 out of 5 review of Marilyn on Amazon Italy. “Questa recensione è su: Gli ultimi giorni di Marilyn Monroe. Le relazioni pericolose, le trappole, il presunto suicidio: tutta la verità sulla fine (Copertina rigida) veramente emozionante, è scritto benissimo e la teoria dello scrittore è la piu' giusta! Consiglio ai fan di Marilyn che ne rimarranno sorpresi ...”

(22) Leafy Berkshire – A rather busy day when, to begin with, Keith paid his first visit to the palatial Berkshire home of legendary, 1970s ground-breaking builder, Max “Superhod” Quarterman and his lovely wife, Eileen. “Thanks to you both for your wonderful hospitality,” after which, following a visit to his dear, dear Mum, Keith caught-up with another old mate, and rather good bass player, Daniel J. Wall.

(20) At last! The first public viewing of the forthcoming David Essex Movie was seen when a trailer of it was uploaded onto Youtube.
- Canada – Interesting news today when, on Amazon Canada, the kindle and paperback versions of Marilyn was seen at #s 3 and 5 respectively in the “Most Wished For in Monroe, Marilyn” section of the site.

(13) Canada – Staggering to say the least. 2 Top Ten placings on the same day on Amazon Canada; in the “Best Sellers in Monroe, Marilyn” chart, the hardback version raced back up to the #2 slot, while the softback version was seen in the #6 position.
-The latest issue of Record Collector, featuring Keith’s tribute to the singer, Errol Brown, crashed thru the letter-boxes of subscribers around the UK today.

(9) Canada – Paperback #2, hardback #10 in Amazon Canada’s “Best Sellers in Monroe, Marilyn” listing today.

(5) Ireland – Family matters and logistical problems meant Keith was unable to appear live as a guest this evening of Simon Tierney on his Newstalk Radio show, in Dublin, Ireland. The topic of conversation was to be the UK release of the new Brian Wilson bio-pic movie, Love And Mercy.

(6) Canada – The hardcover version of Keith’s Marilyn suddenly leapt back up to the #3 position in the “Biographies & Memoirs > People, A-Z > ( M ) > Monroe, Marilyn” section on Amazon Canada and (“can you believe this”) just two places behind Norman Mailer’s legendary, ground-breaking, 1973 biography on the actress.

-Keith spent a part of this day fine-tuning the synopsis for his Mike Randolph project proposal. “It’s looking good.”

(4) Leafy Berkshire – A return visit to Barratt’s Bistro in Sunny Slough; one of the finest eateries in Slough.

(3) Central / outer London – With plans to turn his Marilyn book into a visual format, Keith eagerly attended an early-morning meeting with several, high-profile notables from the media industry. “Most exciting times indeed,” he beamed afterwards.

- After which, Keith headed-off to Wandsworth, South West London to meet-up with director, Alan G. Parker for discussions about the still unreleased KISS and David Essex movie productions.