MAJOR NEWS: In November 2022, as part of the wonderful ROGAN PRODUCTIONS team, Keith won an INTERNATIONAL EMMY, and ROSE d' OR, award for the OFFICIAL documentary, FREDDIE MERCURY: THE FINAL ACT, so proud...

BREAKING NEWS! 05/02/20 - Marilyn TV drama series, based on Keith's definitive biography, The Final Years, major new development, Seven Seas Films (in the UK) have teamed up with 101 Studios in Los Angeles... The production will be the very first to be endorsed by the Marilyn Monroe Estate... More news soon, Watch this space!!...

Tuesday 24 July 2012

July 2012

(28) Talk Radio Europe, Spain – Keith made another live guest appearance this morning on the highly-respected, Talk Radio Europe, this time the Selina MacKenzie Show. The topic of conversation was, unsurprisingly, his book on Marilyn Monroe.

(18) America – Top Barnes & Noble biography & memoir critic, Edward, chose Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years as one of his Top 10 books for the month in his on-line column, Edward’s Picks.

Meanwhile, one day after its release, the two editions of Keith’s book reach the Top 20. In the Marilyn book charts, the hardback edition of Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years reaches No.8, while its kindle counterpart, No.11. (How incredibly impressive!)

(17) America (national) – With great pride, Keith’s book, Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years was released across America (and selected parts of the Globe) by Thomas Dunne Books (New York)in both hardback and Kindle editions. (As Keith quite proudly said, “What an immense, immense honour this is!”)

(16) Record Collector, London – Keith’s tribute to the late Bee Gee, Robin Gibb was published in the latest edition of Record Collector magazine, as part of his regular monthly feature, Rockin’ The Box.

(15) America – As the release in the States of Keith’s Marilyn book edges ever nearer, it was revealed that the publication has reached the dignified No.5 position in the “Best Sellers in Marilyn Monroe Biographies” section on

(11/12) Berkshire, England – Keith updated his Linkedin page, when the experience, projects and books published sections were brought right up-to-date.

(10) Berkshire, England – Keith concluded work on the latest Queen-related project; the DVD/ Blu-ray release, Queen Live in Budapest ‘86, in particular the set’s bonus feature, Hungarian Rhapsody. Interestingly, in a press-release issued on June 27, it was announced that the main feature (in association with Sony Digital Cinema and More2Screen) will be released to selected cinemas Worldwide from 20th September 2012.

(9) America – Eight days before its official release, Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years reached the No.9 position in Marilyn biographies section on

(6) Berkshire, England – Keith (quite proudly) conducted an interview with Sylvia Gong, Senior Editor of the full colour, glossy, general newspaper and fashion magazine, The Chinese Weekly, the most popular print media of the elite and middle class in big and medium cities in China. The first and only of its kind in China, the publication boasts a circulation of 1.5 million and a nationwide readership of 1.99 million. Naturally, the piece focused on Marilyn Monroe, the Chinese-language version of Keith’s book and the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the actress’s death.

(5) Italy – Just one day after its release, Keith’s book reaches the lofty No.5 position in the “Bestseller in Cinema e Television” section on

(4) Italy – The Italian-language version of Keith’s book, Gli ultimi giorni di Marilyn Monroe: Le relazioni pericolose, le trappole, il presunto suicidio: tutta la verità sulla fine (The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe: Dangerous Liasons, Traps, The Presumed Suicide, The Whole Truth about the End) is released by Rizzoli as a Kindle edition. (The hardback edition is set for worldwide release on August 5, precisely 50 years to day that the world learnt of Marilyn’s tragic passing.)

While in England, Keith completes his definitive article on the 50th Anniversary of Granada TV filming a Beatles lunchtime performance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, the first professional footage of the band ever caught on celluloid. (It will appear in the September 2012 issue of Record Collector magazine.)

June 2012

(28) London, West End, England – Drinks, chats and a catch-up with three notables in the pop/rock publishing world; Doug Hinman (the world’s leading Kinks historian), Andy Neill (Faces biographer) and Johnny Rogan (Byrds author). Earlier in the day, paperback copies of Keith’s Marilyn book were spotted in the “Highlights – New Releases” section in the prestigious Foyles bookstore on Charing Cross Road.

(27) USA/ Berkshire, England – For inclusion in the forthcoming, 50th Anniversary of Marilyn’s passing, special edition of the newspaper, Keith was interviewed by Craig Wilson of USA Today. If all goes to plan, his quotes and the publication, Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years will feature in the paper’s round-up of the very best new Marilyn books. (How incredible is that?)

(20) London, England – Meeting in London with Keith’s long-time friend and Monty Python / Status Quo documentary director, Alan G. Parker. A number of collaborations were discussed. Watch this space!

(19) WPRK Radio, Florida, USA – Precisely one week later, Brent discusses his recent meet with Keith and plugs the Marilyn book on his latest Magic Transistor Radio show. (Thanks Brent. You’re a top, top chap and a star!)

(12) Bloomsbury, London – Lunch meeting with Brent Kubasta, host of the weekly archive music radio show, Magic Transistor Radio, on the Rollins station, WPRK, Florida. As they munched our way through our most exquisite Indian meal, all manner of topics were discussed, namely Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and, of course, our beloved Beach Boys.

(14) Rhythm Factory, London – Keith was in attendance at the launch of the new Mike Chapman produced & directed, Chords DVD, What Became of the People? A performance by the group themselves rounded off a truly top evening! Prior to that, Keith was a guest on a live BBC Radio phone-in, to discuss the preserving of 9 Madryn Street, Toxteth, Liverpool the former home of ex-Beatle, Ringo Starr. A playing of The Fabs’ ‘We Can Work It Out’ wrapped the short piece.

(8) Brazil – Further promotions for Marilyn book: Keith conducted an on-line interview with Rogerio Borges of the highly respected Brazilian newspaper, O Popular.

(7) America – Promotions for Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years continue in the States, prompting advance sales of the sales. Today in the Marilyn biographies/ memoirs section on, Keith’s book reaches the No.10 position.

Promotions, plugs and (mostly favourable) reviews about the book continue to appear across the globe; the most recent being in the top, highly-respected US Fashion magazines, Elle and Vanity Fair and by the Mexican journalist & columnist, Luis Felipe Soares, who covered it in an impressive Portuguese piece entitled, ‘Ultimos anos da Loira: Livro traz novas revelacoes sobre a agitada vida pessoal de Marilyn Monroe’ ('Recent years of blonde: Book brings new revelations about the hectic life of Marilyn Monroe'). Stylish and Grazia were two other publications who expressed an interest in the publication. (The piece in the latter is set for inclusion in the 31 July – 6 August issue.)

May 2012

(24) London, England – Yes, it was that time again, a get-together to celebrate the birthday of the Carry On / Sid James / comedy expert, and all-round nice-guy, Robert Ross. A splendid time was had by one and all at the Sherlock Holmes pub, Charing Cross. Earlier in the day, Keith attended a production with another top-chap, Simon Lupton, director of the forthcoming Queen/ Eagle Rock short-feature, Hungarian Rhapsody.

(18) London, England – Meeting with American producers, Kathy McCabe, Ryan White (director of the 2010 movie, Pelada) and Peggie White to discuss a rather exciting new documentary project. Watch this space!

(2) The Lancaster London Hotel London, England – At the prestigious FOCAL AWARDS, the
documentary, Queen: Days of Our Lives (on which Keith was the archive footage researcher), came second in two categories, ‘Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production featuring Music’ (losing out to the superb Harry Belafonte American programme, Sing your Song - S2BN Belafonte Production) and ‘Best Use of Footage in a Cinema Release’ (behind the equally wonderful, Senna - Universal Pictures UK). Keith, once more, sends his congratulations to those who worked on those programmes and to those who quite happily toiled alongside him, Simon, Rhys, Matt, Cara et al, on the Queen show. Ladies and Gentlemen, we can now, quite proudly call ourselves “Award-Nominated” individuals in our respective careers.

April 2012

(29) London, England – With The Beach Boys’ 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour starting in America, Keith recorded an interview about it with BBC Radio Five Live. (It was aired the following morning on the station at approximately 7:40 and repeated precisely one-hour later.) Due to prior commitments, Keith was unable to accept an invitation to talk about the big reunion on BBC Radio Birmingham later this morning.

(27) London, England – Further work on the Freddie show entails a visit to Music Week and their archives. A massive thank you must go to Sara Mather, Dave Roberts and Paul Cross for their splendid help that day.

(26) London, England – Work on the new Freddie Mercury documentary, The Great Pretender rolls- on, with Keith paying a visit to Channel 4 to go through their archives. It was a most fruitful visit. A big thank you to Paul McAllister for his most invaluable help that day.

(10) Berkshire, England – As the reunited Beach Boys prepare to release their first new studio material in over two decades, That's Why God Made the Radio, Keith was invited to talk about the album on BBC Radio Oxford’s Malcolm Boyden Show.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

March 2012

(5th) Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years-Promotional advance reading copies (aka galleys) of Keith's Marilyn book published were released in the United States, and thus beginning four months of advance promotion for it before its release in the country (in both hardback and eBook) on July 17. The publishers, the mighty, New York-based, Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press are advertising Keith's book by way of huge "Online Promotion" and "National Print Publicity" campaigns. (Btw, the UK publication date, for the eBook and paperback editions, complete with a slightly new cover design, is still set for June 1.)

Meanwhile over in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the same day, the Mexican edition of Keith's book was published by the Saraiva Publishing Group. Boasting an alternate title of Os Ultimos Anos de Marilyn Monroe, A Verdadeira E Chocante Historia, it runs to an impressive 472 pages and is on sale for R$ 44,90. (Interestingly, Keith now shares the same publishing house, Benvira as the legendary, Ozzy Osbourne. As Frank Sinatra once said to him, "Never name drop.")

(14th) FOCAL INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2012 - Queen's 2011 documentary, Days of Our Lives (on which, Keith was archive researcher) was nominated in two categories at the Ninth Annual Focal International Awards Ceremony. Produced in association with AP Archive, to celebrate the best in the world of footage, the 2-hour programme (produced by Globe Productions UK) was classified in the 'Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production' and 'Best Use of Footage in a Cinema Release' categories. The winners will be revealed at the gala award ceremony on 2 May 2012 at the Lancaster London Hotel. Fingers crossed, aye?

(22nd) London & Berkshire, England - Keith began work on another Queen-related project. Obviously confidential at this moment in time, but you can rest assure that, when it appears later in the year, it will befit the true legacy of the group. (More news about it soon.)

February 2012

29th) Florida, USA - On this day, the entertainer, Davy Jones died of a heart attack on his ranch near his home, and with that, the world sadly lost its first Monkee. "I fell in love with The Monkees at a very young age," Keith admits, "and, without doubts, alongside my parents and The Beatles, they were (and are) one of my life's biggest influences. To say I adored that band is a great understatement. I even learnt drums because of them. I had the honour of meeting Davy twice and he was most friendly and hospitable. He will be sadly missed. Let's hope now that the rest of the world finally wakes up to the fact that The Monkees were far, far more than just a TV-manufactured band. " (A tribute to Davy, penned by Keith will appear in the next issue of Record Collector magazine.) He was 66 years-of-age. 

(27th) Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years (Thomas Dunne Books / hardback) -  Keith's book reached the #15 position in the Marilyn Monroe biographies section on (It is released officially in the States on July 17, two weeks before the 50th anniversary of the great actress's death.)

(23rd) BAFTA: The Home of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, London - For the second time in three months, our Mr. Badman was present at the prestigious Baftas, this time to celebrate AP Archive’s acquisition of the absolute legendary and stunning, Movietone news library. A truly superb night and a most enjoyable time was had by all. (Look out for the forthcoming souvenir DVD of the evening. Cheers to Alan, Obi, Jenny, et al for a truly cracking evening.)

(22nd) Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years (Thomas Dunne Books) - With a deal for an ebook version of the book already struck in the States, orders for it are already being taken by And on this day, it reached the #38 in the pre-paid Kindle chart. Impressive!

(20th) The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The True Story (Aurum Press) - At last! A deal to release Keith's 2010 book on Marilyn Monroe as an ebook in the UK/ Europe and the rest of the World (bar America) was struck. It will be available for instant download on June 1, the same day as a paperback version is released.

(2nd) Twickenham, London - Keith was in attendance at the grand reunion of friends and staff members of the much-lamented pub, Filthy's. A superb night, with more than a few bottles of wine being drunk (and spilt) that night. (Cheers Tel & Fi.)

January 2012

(6th) USA - Massive thanks to the great Robert Boyer of Sunset Records for an amazing political tip- off. The next book awaits (if the logistics of this can be sorted!!) 

(11th) Keith joined the World's largest, professional network site, Linkedin See his public profile here Thanks to the 114 (and counting) connections he has made so far!

(18th) Angel, London - Yet another trip into London, this time for a lunch-time catch-up with one of the country's top property specialists, Laurence Moore.

Latest subjects of Keith's monthly, Record Collector column, Rockin' The Box included, Marc Bolan (November issue), The Clash (December), Elton John ( Christmas), The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Amen Corner (January) and former Monkees Davy Jones & Micky Dolenz on the ITV programme, Our Show from 1977.

Archived Posts

The archives from the old Keith Badman site are batched into years -  2007-2011.
Due to the way posts were made on the previous site these updates run backwards from December to January.
Further updates will be posted by month and year.



(10th) Emirates Stadium, North London - Keith was in the sell-out 60,000-plus crowd to watch his beloved Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 (sorry Anne Marie). A fine (Vantastic) goal from Robin Van Persie sealed the victory. It was a historic day for the club. Saturday, December 10, 2011 marked the 125th anniversary of Arsenal Football Club.

(15th) Proud Galleries, Chelsea, London - A return trip to the Proud Gallery, this time to celebrate the launch of Terry O'Neill new books, 'Celebrity" and "Eltonography'. In-between signing copies of his publications, when asked who his favourite Beatle was, he replied simply, "George." (Thanks again, Dan. I enjoyed the mince pies and mulled wine too.)

(19th) Chelsea, London - Another trip to London, for a lunch-time session with one of the country's top journalists/ reporters, Robert Meakin. (Good seeing ya again, mate.)

(25th) Christmas Day - with this year being a somewhat traumatic one for both Keith and his family, let's just say he spent this great day in a very, very different, but most fulfilling way. "Safe to say, I will never see Christmas Day in the same way again," Keith recalled.


(3) The British Academy of Film & Television Arts, Piccadilly, London - Keith was a guest at the UK premiere screening of the new Marilyn Monroe movie, My Week With Marilyn. The star-studded BBC Films co-produced movie, based on Colin Clarke's diary about the actress's visit to England in 1956 to shoot The Prince And The Showgirl, was released across the country on November 25th. (His verdict on it - "Just brilliant! Wonderful, in fact! With fine, top-notch acting, it's easily one of the best Monroe bio-pic dramas ever produced. You must go and see it!")

(4) The Final Years Of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story - Another monumental day in the history of Keith's book when the Chinese language version of it was published today by Modern Press. (Thanks to Zoe Ross at United Agents for superbly arranging this!)

(15th) Keith completed his brief tenure on the new BBC Four documentary on The Who. (More news on this shortly.)

(18th) The countdown to the US release of Keith's Marilyn book begins when his American publisher, Thomas Dunne announces the publication date of it. Retitled, Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years, it will be issued in the States on July 17, 2012, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of her tragic death. As listed on, "This definitive account dispels the rumors and sets the record straight on her last two years. Keith Badman delves into the reality of Monroe's last days in this surprising, and painstakingly researched biography. Dispelling some of the most pervasive beliefs as well as bringing light to others."

(25th) From strength to strength - run out of copies of The Final Years Of Marilyn Monroe. After waiting ten days for a new delivery, the online giant, in an indirect way, admits that, for the time being, no further copies are expected.

(29th) - With Keith's Monroe book now becoming a rarity, a dealer in Florida seized the opportunity and began advertising copies of the publication; his price, a whopping £82.87 (plus postage & packing). While, in the UK, another dealer on the site was offering it for a slightly lower price of £79.95 (plus p&p)! Meanwhile, over in the States, on, one enterprising trader in Washington began advertising copies of the book for... wait for it, a mouth-watering $252.31 (plus handling). Daren't look on eBay!

(30th) - The prices being offered for Keith's publication continue to escalate. Another dealer on the website begins offering the tome for $472.97! Yes, you read it right.

October 2011

(3rd) With the premiere of the new George Harrison Martin Scorcese documentary taking place the previous evening in both London and Liverpool, Keith was invited to talk about the movie on BBC Radio's Sony Award-winning, Andrew Peach Show.

(7th) University of the Arts, London - At 1pm this afternoon, Keith was most excited to enter one of the Holy Grails of the film industry; the archives of the late, great movie director, Stanley Kubrick. In a four-session session he enthusiastically trawled through paperwork relating to his 1968 space epic, 2001: A Space Odyssey, by far the greatest film ever made. Keith would like to thank Monica and Richard at the centre for their wonderful assistance that afternoon.

(11th) Keith was at the Picture House in Regal Henley this evening to watch a special 8pm screening of the aforementioned, epic new Harrison movie, Living In A Material World. Thanks to Pete & Fenella for arranging this! (You're both stars!)

(12th) There are exciting times ahead, in both here and America, for Keith's book, The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe. More news soon.

Record Collector articles update. Over the past few months, Keith's regular monthly column, Rockin' The Box has featured Madness (in the June 2011 issue), Terry Jones & Michael Palin from the Pythons (August), the late-great, Flick Colby of Pan's People (September), The Sweet (October) and a recently recovered, 1975 interview with the late Glam-Rock superstar, Marc Bolan (in the November issue).

(25) With the release of The Beach Boys' legendary album, Smile now imminent, Keith was a guest on several BBC radio shows to talk about the CD; firstly, Radio5 Live's breakfast programme and then, later that afternoon, in a pre-taped slot, for BBC Hereford & Worcester's Andrew Heaston Show. Proud Gallery, London - That evening, he was at the launch of the new "Rolling Stones - The Decca Years" photo exhibition in the King's Road. (Thanks again, Dan!)

(26) A further BBC interview for Smile; this time for the Steve Ladner morning show on BBC Radio Kent.

(29) Former DJ and Top of the Pops presenter, Jimmy Savile, died two days short of his 85th birthday. Keith met him on Friday, April 29, 2010 at the V & A Museum's Harry Goodwin / Top of the Pops pictures exhibition and book. "I always wanted to ask him two questions," he said, "and that night I did and he answered them"

September 2011

(13th) Spice of Life, London - Keith was in attendance at the launch of the new Chords DVD. Directed by friend, Michael Chapman, the official-approved documentary of the 1970s British pop group is set for release on Monday, October 17.

(15th) Thanks to Keith's long-time friend, chum and confidante, Danny Wall for the invite to the open-air Jazz Festival at Imperial Wharf. A splendid time was had by one and all.

(17th) Our resident Beach Boys fanatic, Mr Badman was seen in the audience at Brian Wilson's concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Thanks to his percussionist & vocalist, Nelson Bragg for the most wonderful seats ("I was practically sitting on the stage," Keith said) and to the wonderful Terry & Fiona for arranging it all. You are all stars! (See pic on the pictures page)

(22nd) Work on Keith's latest project with the Rock Gods, Queen wrapped this day. Watch this ‘Hot Space for more news on it soon.

August 2011

(9th) With another John Lennon-related auction taking place in Berkshire today, Keith was requested to talk about the sale on BBC Radio's Anne Diamond Show this morning.

(28th) For more years than he cares to mention, Keith, has been presenting the video show at the annual Beatles Convention in Liverpool and, in light of his recent family troubles, this year was his best ever. He would like thank (in no particular order), Victoria, Ian, Billy, Dave, Ray, Steve, Charles, Wendy, Trish, Steve, Anne-Marie, Neville, Michael, Pete, Mel, Cavern City Tours and the hundreds of others for making him feel so welcome and loved. Thank you all! The video presentation, which was transferred to a new room, was a tremendous success. At 9:40pm, in Keith's words, "There wasn't a spare seat in the house and fans were queuing at the door to get in."

Prior to the start of the show, and the Convention itself, Keith found time to (finally) give an interview to Pete Dicks for his highly popular, WCR fm Wolverhampton-based, radio show,Beatles and Beyond.

June 2011

(4th) Another one for the "You couldn't make it up" file; at approximately 5:40 this afternoon, on his way back from Ascot in Berkshire, the vehicle in which Keith was travelling, found itself trailing…the MONKEEMOBILE! Yes, the world-famous car, which once belonged to television’s greatest-ever manufactured group, The Monkees. (Keith's long-time adoration for the band goes way, way back! ) Despite protestations to the driver to "Follow that car," the vehicle soon disappeared from site, sadly.

One for the "It slipped through the net" department. Keith's brief interview for CNN about Marilyn Monroe and her enduring appeal was posted recently. The piece, written by Laura Allsop is entitled"Why Gentlemen Still Prefer Marilyn Monroe"

May 2011 continued

(29th) Queen's official documentary, now titled "Days of Our Lives", received its television premiere on BBC2 this evening at 10pm. (Part 2 was screened the following evening at the same time.) Congratulations must go to the producers, Simon Lupton and Rhys Thomas and director, Mathew O'Casey for their splendid work on the show.

May 2011

So, what exactly has Keith been doing since the release of his (No.1) Marilyn book last September and why has his website hardly been updated? Well, we can reveal that he has been carrying out, intermittently, archive research on the new, officially approved, documentary on the legendary rock group, Queen. Entitled A Certain Band Called Queen; it is provisionally scheduled for a television premiere on BBC2 shortly. More news soon. Watch this (hot) space!

With recording equipment from John Lennons former home studio in Ascot, Berkshire being put up for sale on the 12th, Keith was asked to comment on the auction for two BBC outlets, namely Linda Serck for her BBC online page (on the 10th) and Phil Kennedy, on his BBC Berkshire Drivetime Show (on the 12th)

March 2011

Keith's archive-based, Rockin' The Box columns in Record Collector continue with abundance. In recent months, the shows under his microscope have included U2 on Get It Together (1980), Duran Duran on The Tube (1984), Madness on South Of Watford (1984) and The Saturday Scene Pop Awards (from 1975)

February 2011

A truly momentous day for Keith's Marilyn book when (on Sunday the 13th) Michael Simkins of The Mail On Sunday gave it a highly- favourable, two-thirds-of-a-page review. It did the trick because, one day later (on Monday the 14th), Keith's book reached the No.1 position in three charts:

#1 in Books > Biography > Theatre & Performance Art

#1 in Books > Music, Stage & Screen > Performing Arts

#1 in Books > Biography > Film, Television & Music > Theatre

On top of that, the publication jumped to the no. 271 position overall in all the books sold at (Safe to say, he had more than a few Lager Shandys that night!)

Meanwhile, worldwide, foreign-language versions of the book have also been sold, to America, China, Italy and Brazil.

Another review of The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe was published in Record Collector magazine in February. Jason Draper's sterling appraisal of it concluded with the words, "Badman's work is a piece of investigative journalism worthy of the highest accolades." (Thanks, Jason!)


December 2010

Further accolades for Keith's book came when the Daily Express columnists, Jane Clinton and Graham Ball choose (on the 19th) the publication as one of their, "Best Of The Lot", celebrity book gift choices for Christmas. In a piece entitled, "Stuck For A Present? Just Follow That Star," Keith's book was selected alongside works by showbiz luminaries such as Michael Parkinson, Joanna Lumley, Maureen Lipman and Michael Caine. What an absolute, absolute honour! 

Keith promoted the book further when he was a guest on two BBC Radio shows this month; BBC Radio Kent's highly-respected, Sunday Supplement show (on the 12th) and the highly-popular Sue Marchant Show (during the evening of 14th) 

Campaigns for the book continued when Keith's interview with Spencer Peet for the Rod Serling Foundation was published at the end of this month 

On December 8th, the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's tragic passing, Keith was a guest on the live, American, one-hour, NPR Radio, Lennon tribute show, On Point. Appearing alongside him on the programme was Alan Light, one of Rolling Stone's premiere music critics. 

Away from the media, Keith was out and about in December, seen at the Arsenal vs. Partisan Belgrade, Champions League game at the Emirates (on the 4th - Thanks Laurence!) and at Paul McCartney's Christmas concert at the HMV Apollo in Hammersmith (on the 18th - Thanks Steve!). 

Plug time: Want to watch one of the funniest, best-written, best-produced comedies on TV in years (well, since Curb anyway)? Check out the rather lovely, Patricia Heaton in The Middle. (You can catch it on ABC TV in America and Sky Television in Europe.) Just wonderful! 

October / November 2010


Latest news regarding The Final Years Of Marilyn Monroe (JR Books) includes the announcement that negotiations for three foreign rights versions of the book are currently taking place. (More news soon.)

Recent reviews and plugs for the book have included (in the press):
The Lancashire Evening Post
The Daily Express (05/10/2010 and subsequently syndicated across the world)

Interviews on the radio:
CJAD Radio, Canada - The Tommy Schumacher Show (05/08/2010)
CJAD Radio, Canada - return appearance (05/11/2010)
Talk Radio Europe - The Michael Bolland Show (23/09/2010)
Talk Radio Europe - The Book Show with Hannah Murray (07/10/2010)

Lengthy interview with the leading cultural columnist, Helen Donlan for the top, online magazine, London Grip (08/09/2010) Published in the November edition:

Online review by Fraser Penney for the highly-recommended, 'Immortal Marilyn' website. October 2010's Book of the Month:

Keith's regular, archive music series in the wonderful Record Collector magazine, Rockin' The Box, have also continued. These have included lengthy pieces on John Lennon's last-ever on-stage performance in 1975 (November edition), the 1977 Daily Mirror Rock & Pop Awards concert (December) and The Hollies' recording 'On A Carousel' for Granada Television back in 1967 (Christmas edition).

Plug time:
Once again, our Mr Badman is not one to endorse products but one recent release has caught his attention. Released by MVD Visual, the strange DVD, Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison, will certainly provide both fans and critics alike with plenty of food for thought.
August / September 2010

The Final Years Of Marilyn Monroe - The Shocking True Story hits the stores in the UK/ Europe/Canada/Japan on Saturday, September 25. The Australia/ New Zealand release date has, however been shifted back to October 15. 

Advance sales of Keith's book are still going well: 

No.3 - in 'Hot Future Releases' in the Actors & Actresses chart on (September 20 - the legendary Michael Caine was No.2, Dannii Minogue No.1)
No.12 - in the 'Biographies, Music, Stage & Screen' chart on (September 18)
No.3 - in the English lanquage, 'Biographies, Memoirs, Entertainers' chart on Amazon France (September 16)
No.10 - in the 'Biographies, Memoirs' chart on Amazon Canada (September 3) 

Noteworthy promotional interviews for the book have, so far included: 

The Tommy Schnurmacher Show (CJAD 800 Radio in Montreal, Canada - August 5)
London Grip (interview with Helen Donlan - September 8)
The Maurice Boland Show (Talk Radio Europe - September 23) 

Keith's piece on John Lennon's last-ever, on-stage performance will be in the next edition of Record Collector magazine (October) 

He wishes to thank everyone who has written to him saying how much he enjoyed his video show at the Liverpool Beatles Convention in August. (A big thumbs-up must also go to Cavern City Tours for wonderfully putting it all together.) 

July 2010

Advance sales of Keith's book, 'The Final Years Of Marilyn Monroe' are going well and chart positions have already been gained! So far, these have included:

* No.3 in the 'Livres en Anglais, Biographies & Memoirs, Arts & Literature, Entertainers' section on Amazon France (Friday, June 11)

* No.1 in the 'True Story' chart on (July 14)

* No.5 in the 'Best Selling Film, Television & Music' listings on Mightyape, New Zealand's major online shopping store (July 30)

Thanks to everyone who has purchased Keith's book in advance. He hopes it lives up to the expectations.
April / May / June 2010

The countdown to the release of Keith's long-mooted tribute book to Marilyn Monroe has well and truly begun. Here's the first glimpse of the cover....Five years in the making and now sporting yet another new title, the book, The Final Years Of Marilyn Monroe: The Amazing True Story, is all set to appear across the globe on Saturday, September 25. Pre-orders can be made at all outlets of Amazon, including as well as at
On Friday, April 29, Keith was seen at the V & A Museum in London, at the launch of the superb new Harry Goodwin / Top Of The Pops pictures exhibition and book. He was seen rubbing shoulders with the likes of Paul Gambaccini, Mike McCartney, Sir Jimmy Savile, Steve Ellis (Love Affair) and four former members of Pan's People. (He hasn't recovered yet!)

Keith's monthly ITN Source series in Record Collector, Rockin; The Box, rolled on with a look back at The Smiths' 1987 South Bank Show special and some classic Jazz programmes, including Ella Fitgerald and (in the current, July edition) Count Basie

He was also recently asked, by the show's researchers, to vote on the recent Channel 4 programme, The 50 Greatest Videos Of All time (transmitted Saturday, May 15)

January / February 2010

Major News! Research on Keith's Marilyn Monroe book has finally come to an end. After five-years of extensive work, the very last full-stop on this ground-breaking assignment has been typed. Now sporting an alternate title of "Marilyn Monroe: Her Final Years, As It Was, As It Happened," it is expected to hit the shops in August 2010. The publisher is JR Books. Keith would like to thank every single one of you who has assisted him along the way. More news on this most exciting project shortly. Expect to see the front-cover soon. 

Articles News! Keith's pieces about Pink Floyd's lost 1967 appearance on TOTP and Oasis's slot on the 1984 television show, With... appear in the current issue of Record Collector magazine. 

Keith in the media! Quotes by him about The Rolling Stones legend, Ronnie Wood appeared in The Daily Express newspaper on Thursday, January 14 and remarks about the possible closure of Abbey Road Studios were heard on a few local BBC radio studios during the day of Tuesday, February 16. 

Very special thanks to Mod-legend, author, friend, Terry Rawlings, DJ, Mod-sage, record-label boss, Eddie Pillar and David and Paul of Izon Audio Visuals, for a most enjoyable evening later that day. It was for the shooting of an exciting new film. More news on this shortly. Oh, by the way, big thanks to Mick Avory of The Kinks, who was there too. He's still a thoroughly decent chap! My conversations with him are always most enthralling. 

Our Mr. Badman is not the one to endorse products but sometimes there is an exception. The new John Lennon DVD, Rare & Unseen is one. Released by Weinerworld Ltd., the 75-minute documentary contains many rare clips of the great man, including, for the first time on DVD, his appearance on the 1972 ITV show, Aquarius and interview on LWT's Weekend World from the following year. Really superb stuff and a must for all Lennon buffs!


November / December 2009

Almost five years in the making, Keith's truly defintive Marilyn Monroe project, Her Final Months; As It Was, As It Happened edges ever-nearer to completion. An August 2010 release by JR Books still looks the most likely. 

Fancy reading about Malcolm McLaren's lost 1985 television show or an early TV appearance by Radiohead? Then check-out Keith's recent Rockin' The Box articles in Record Collector magazine. (Thanks again to John Nolan and Richard Higgins at ITN Source for their most invaluable help with this series this year.) 

The two recovered 1967 episodes of Top Of The Pops has been causing a stir amongst collectors, no doubt due to the performance of Pink Floyd which is among them. Keith's article on how the shows were found will appear in Record Collector shortly. 

Talking about Top Of The Pops, Keith has recently become involved in a rather exciting project about the show. Set to take place in the first quarter of 2010, news about it will be released shortly. Watch this space! 

Keith wishes every visitor here a very Happy Christmas and a most prosperous and peaceful 2010! 

August/September 2009

Marilyn Monroe: Her Final Months, As It Was, As It Happened - Keith's work on the project nudges ever nearer completition. He would like to thank Clive David for his most wonderful input. A release date is still set for September 2010. The publisher, JR Books. 

The Beatles Remastered - Keith's quotes about the most wonderful releases were featured in The Sunday Times on September 6. He also featured in local BBC radio interviews about them on Monday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 9. 

The Beatles: Here There And Everywhere 1963-1970 - Keith was a brief contributor to this excellent, new documentary, which is set for release by Odeon Entertainment on September 28. 

The Liverpool Beatles Convention, August Bank Holiday - Keith would like to thank the many who emailed him to say how much they enjoyed his video show at the get-together. Thank you again. 

Record Collector magazine - His exhaustive, ITN Source based series, Rockin' The Box rolls on. An article on Cliff Richard's rarely screen, February 1968 TV special, "Live At City Hall" is due for the next issue (November). 

10,000 visitors - has just received its 10,000th visitor. Thanks to every one of you for visiting and emailing. Here's to the next 5,000! 

June 2009


Keith's Marilyn Monroe Book, Her Final Months; As It Was, As It Happened, Delayed Until September 2010 

Following a most productive meeting with his publisher, Keith has announced that the release of his Monroe book has been put back until September 2010. He had this to say. 

"With the amount of genuinely new, previously undocumented information I've uncovered, it would be absurd to rush the project. My publisher agreed and the decision to put back the release until later in 2010 was mutually concurred." As Keith's webmistress I have obviously spoken at length to Keith about the book and know only too well that it is worth waiting for! Hollywood's greatest mystery is about to be solved, once and for all 

KB, the man himself, captured during a Monroe research break. Thanks to ace photographer, Mike Dalton.

click the image to go to
A Japanese edition of Keith's highly-acclaimed, 2000 book, The Beatles: Off The Record has just appeared in the country. It is released by the Tokyo-based, Shogagukan Inc, company via the Japan Uni Agency.

April 2009

Keith's Marilyn Monroe project nudges ever nearer to completion. He would like to thank Douglas Kirkland, Miranda Bracket, Phil Weiss, Vince Palamara, Mark Hitchens and Su Kim Chung for their invaluable assistance with the task over the previous few months.

Comments by Keith about Paul and Ringo's recent David Lynch Foundation TM concert appeared in many newspapers and on several websites...
Buzz 7
Silver Scorpio
Daily Express

Thanks once again must go to John Nolan and Richard Higgins at ITN Source for their assistance with Keith's regular columns for Record Collector magazine. Up next a rare 1968 television show featuring Scott Walker and a look back at the long-forgotten ITV music series, 45.

February 2009

Marilyn Monroe book delayed!

Keith has an announcement: "Due to the unprecedented amount of new information I have uncovered, after discussions with my agent and publisher, we have decided to delay publication of my Marilyn Monroe book until February 2010. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. More news soon!"

Thanks must also go to the latest, first-class researchers around the globe who have assisted Keith in his highly exhaustive project. They know exactly who they are. Thank you!

Record Collector / Rockin' The Box updates: Under Keith's scrutiny in the latest issues; Sally James' 1970s series, Saturday Scene and the late 1980s Tony Wilson series, The Other Side Of Midnight. A defintive article on Brian Jones' last television appearance with The Rolling Stones is now in the works. 

Keith has just returned from a research tour of America and would like to thank the following for making his visit an absolute joy: Ray & Helen Boyer, Lauren Daley, Peter Ciraolo, Carrie Salafia, Jeff Dalton, John McEwen, Erik Taros, Stephen Plotkin, the guy at the New York Public Library who "loves Rita Hayworth" and the many, many others. Special thanks must also go to the great, Bob Boyer (of Sunset Records) who was a superb host / guide / assistant, you name it, during the visit. Thank you big time! 

Keith's interview with the superb South Coast Today reporter, Lauren Daley, carried out during his stay, can be read here. 

Record Collector news: Keith is pleased to report that his official, ITN Source series 'Rockin' The Box' will continue for at least another year (until the end of 2009). 

Thanks also to my web mistress, AnneiMarie and friend, "Big" Dave Carter for keeping Keith up to date on his beloved Arsenal while he was away. 

Final thanks - to the American people who voted in Barack Obama to the White House.


September 2008 

Research on Keith's Marilyn project rolls on. Clearing up 46 years of unfair bull**** about the great lady has proved to be one most enjoyable task. Amazing to think that so much of what we believe about the actress's final months never actually happened! (The release date of the book, 'Marilyn Monroe: Her Final Months, As It Was, As It Happened' is still set for November 09.) 

Thanks to everyone who remarked how much they enjoyed Keith's video show at the Liverpool Beatles Convention last month. The worldwide premiere screening of the new 'Magical Mystery Tour Memories' documentary was well-received also. Great seeing so many old friends and, of course, Keith's wonderful web-mistress, Anne Marie. 

Fancy reading about The Clash's 1979 appearance on the classic ITV pop show, Alright Now or Ringo's brief slot on a 1970 edition of Frost On Sunday, then check out the latest editions of Record Collector. 

July 2008

Latest update from Keith - "My highly exhaustive Marilyn Monroe research rolls. Amazing to think that, 46 years after her death there is still new info about her waiting to be uncovered! Special thanks this month goes to Bob Boyer, who has been another star for me on the project out in America. His input and help is greatly appreciated. 

click the graphic above for bigger image
The television / DVD documentary, The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Memories, on which Keith was a consultant is going to be screened in by him in Liverpool next month at the massive 6-day Beatles Convention. Special guests should be in attendance at the showing. Watch this space."

"Marilyn Monroe: Her Final Months, As It Was; As It Happened"
Keith is very pleased to announce that he has signed a deal with JR Books to publish the aforementioned title. A release date has been set for Autumn 2009. Keith would also like to thank his new agent, Robert Kirby at United Agents for handling the deal. 

May/June 2008

New Book Update: Keith's highly exhaustive Marilyn Monroe research is progessing wonderfully. Special thanks this time must go to Mitch Ison for handling one aspect of the research out in the States. He really cannot be thanked enough. Watch this space for more news on the project, which is set to appear in late 2009. 

Record Collector articles continue to come. Catch the latest issues for in-depth pieces of Burt Bacharach's 1965 Granada TV special and the 1972 London Weekend Television series Two Gs And The Pop People. Thanks to John Nolan and Richard Higgins at ITN Source for their invaluable help with these. 

Concerts that Keith has been seen at recently include The Zombies, Yardbirds, Chas & Dave and Buzzcock Steve Diggle. The latter is a true star! Catch his show if you can. You won't be disappointed. 

Keep a look out for the documentary, Beatles Magical Mystery Memories. Keith has seen an incomplete 34-minute edit of the show and it looks absolutely superb! 

March 2008 

"Extensive Marilyn Monroe research continues: Keith would like to once again thank the wonderful staffs at the Colindale Newspaper Library, the British Film Institute, the BBC Written Archives Centre and The Washington Post for assisting him with his project. Many thanks to you all." 

"Keith's archive TV examinations continue in Record Collector. His piece on the 70s television favourite Lift Off With Ayshea features in the current edition. Thanks to everyone who replied to my request for current information about the show's host, Ayshea Brough." 

"Keith was a guest contributor on several radio stations on Monday (March 17). Beatles expert, Mr. Badman was on hand to give his view on Sir Paul McCartney's rather messy divorce from Miss Mills." 

January 2008

Keith would like to wish all the visitors to this site all the very best for 2008!

Keith has been a consultant on a new and rather exciting unofficial documentary about Magical Mystery Tour. This is going to be rather special so watch this space for further news and check out the website here! 

Thanks for everyone who sent in information re the current activities of 1970s TV host / star and singer, Ayshea Brough. 

Record Collector update: Keith's examination of the footage taken at the 1968 Melody Maker Awards and the Lulu According To Freud ITV special from that same year are featured in the issues dated February and March respectively. 

And thanks very much indeed to this individual who thinks that the words of Keith Badman are worthy enough of a page here! The individual clearly has taste!


December 2007

Keith's examination of the amazing Granada TV footage shot on the day when The Beatles paid a surprise visit to their studios in October 1964 has finally been published. You can read it in the Christmas edition of Record Collector magazine. Expect a bundle of further archive-related features by Keith throughout 2008 in the mag. And if you don't currently subscribe to this superb publication, why not? It's a damn good read, if I say so myself. 

Anyone know of the current whereabouts of Ayshea Brough, the host of the 1970s pop-music show, Lift Off With Ayshea and former girlfriend of singer, Roy Wood? Keith is currently doing a piece about the host and series and would dearly love to bring the article up-to-date with news of her current activities. 

Mr. Badman would love to thank the Marilyn Monroe collector, Syd Stanwell for allowing him unlimited access to his most amazing private collection of the actress. Thanks Syd! As you can guess, Keith's ongoing Monroe research is progressing very nicely indeed! 

November 2007

Thanks to everyone who's asked about how Keith's Marilyn Monroe research is going. Well, I'm pleased to say, it's going very well indeed. "I'm staggered by the amount of 'new' information relating to the actress I'm uncovering," Keith remarked this week. "I firmly believe my new discoveries will re-write many key parts of her final months." As it stands, an Autumn 2009 release date is the most likely. 

A big thank you also goes to Record Collector's Jason Draper who reviewed Keith's recently re-issued Off The Record. "This is truly one Beatles book you need," he wonderfully wrote. A perfect Christmas present, don't you think? 

Amongst Keith's latest assigments is an affectionate look back at the controversial Channel 4 1990s music series, The Word. If by chance you were in the studio audience at any programme or have an interesting tale to tell about the series, please get in touch. Thanks! 

September 2007

The latest issue of Record Collector magazine (October 2007) features Keith's full-page examination of the surviving outtakes from the 1969 Granada TV production, The Stones In The Park

Update: The alleged Wendy Richard outtakes on the new Apple / EMI Help! DVD - 
Contrary to the rumours which are spreading prior to the release of this highly-anticipated DVD, I can assure everyone that we do not actually see any of Richard's un-used filmed sequences on the discs. Instead we get newly-recorded interviews with Wendy and director Richard Lester, alongside very nice stills taken during the shooting. In truth (and obviously not touched upon in this DVD), back in 1965 as Help! was undergoing final editing, some of the movie's discarded footage was being smuggled out of the studios by one of the film's workers and given to his young, Beatle-mad daughter." (Note: The official release date of the Help! DVD has now been put back to November 5.) 

Keith filed this report after attending the HELP! DVD Press Screening in London - "This newly-remastered copy of The Beatles' 1965 movie is just superb! You'll be hard pushed to find a copy as good as this. The re-mastering has clearly worked; colours are bright, images are pin-sharp and The Fabs' wonderful music (as featured on the American DVD release of the movie) is presented in superb stereo / 5.1 Surround Sound. You'll love it. Sadly, at the screening, we didn't get to see the 'new' Wendy Richards outtakes (possibly an Apple decision) but I was promised these clips are GENUINE HELP! MOVIE OUTTAKES and not just a collection of stills." (Thanks to Peter at MBC. The Help! DVD hits the UK stores on October 29.)

Keith's new book, The Beatles Off the Record: Outrageous Opinions & Unreleased Interviews hits the shelves this Friday, September 14. He thanks one reviewer on Amazon who described the book as "A massive undertaking," before adding, "The Beatles Off The Record is a unique, essential, core title for all dedicated Beatles fans and reveals these four young men from Liverpool as no other book ever has -- or could!" 

August 2007

Keith would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has visited the site since its official launch in early August, and there's been over a thousand of you!

Following a highly-successful meeting with ITN Source supremos Ross Landau and John Nolan, Keith is pleased to announce his ITN Source-supported, archive themed, Record Collector series, Rockin' The Box will continue for another year (to the end of 2008). The first period of the article has already produced pieces on Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, Deep Purple, Slade, Badfinger and Tommy Steele amongst others.

Sunday, August 26 - Keith will be presenting the video show at the 2007 Liverpool Beatles Convention 

Monday, August 27 - Keith will be a guest on Spencer Leigh's BBC Radio Merseyside show talking about the re-issue of his book, The Beatles: Off The Record and discussing how research is going on his current project, Marilyn Monroe: Her Final Months; As It Was, As It Happened. 

July 2007

The Beatles Off The Record will be reissued in September with a brand spanking new cover.

The definitive book of Beatles quotes and interviews. From Cavern days to the final split, here is the story of The Beatles in their own words, plus comments from friends, associates and observers.
"Compared with some of The Beatles' later selective and polished or faulty and fading memories, this is much nearer the truth." - The Beatles' official biographer, Hunter Davies

Keith is currently working on a book about Marilyn Monroe covering the final nine months of her life and totally re-examining the way she died. "With respect to previous authors, this will be the most definitive scrutiny of this period of her life ever undertaken by any researcher. The resulting work will, in my opinion, prove conclusively the manner in which she died, and end over four decades of speculation."

Click here for Keith's statement on whether Marilyn had an affair with John F Kennedy