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Monday, 3 December 2018

November 2018 - "Lawford-Land, 2001, Show Invites, Marilyn, Beach Boys, BBC Radio and Endless Wave"

(30) Berkshire/ twinned with the USA – Keith sent his RC review of Endless Wave over to Steve Love (The Beach Boys’ former, but greatest manager) for his approval… and he loved it! “He’s a top man.”

- “Endless Wave is one helluva read…and if you haven’t done so already… go to and buy it. You will not be disappointed.” 
(29) Goodreads – A massive big thank you to “Erica Bailey” for her 5-star “it was amazing” review on the well-respected, world-wide book reading site.  
- Later that day, still on the Marilyn front, Keith received news of another big, massive leap forward on his major project on the star…
- While over on Amazon in Canada, the paperback version of Keith’s book on the actress stood at #15 in the “Most Wished For in Monroe, Marilyn” chart.
(28) Cold Berkshire – Well, I never… Keith submitted two RC reviews, one for the wonderful new Beach Boys book, Endless Wave, the other for the latest Matt Deighton album, Doubtless Dauntless… “both, must buys.”
- Keith’s 2018 Birthday Tour began with a catch-up featuring two old. long time mates, Daniel J and Mark S…
(27) Chilly Berkshire – Another lengthy catch-up re work on the new, “alternate” movie project idea.
(26) Freezing Berkshire – Phase 3 of the house renovations work was concluded… It took 6 days.
(21) Berkshire / twinned with Midlands – Pre-production work on the new “rather alternate” new movie idea rumbled on when Keith had a rather nice, most informative phone call update with the film’s producer.
(20) Cold/ Wet / Windy Slough – Congrats to Slough Town FC for beating Sutton United (on penalties) to reach Round 2 of this season’s FA Cup…
(19) Cold, Rather Freezing Berkshire – Phase 3 of the house refurbishments got underway. (Expected to last 5 days.)
(16) “Thanks, But Unfortunately… “ – Keith received two, most kind invites, one for the launch part of the new “Sessions in Photos” exhibition at the Proud Gallery, in London, the other, the world premiere of the new, official, Cavern club documentary. Both due to take place next week, he had to regrettably decline them due to family and domestic matters. “Thank you both, anyway, much appreciated.”
(15) America – Berkshire – (via UPS) Keith received his copies of the new “Rocky” Pamplin, Beach Boys book, Endless Wave and wonderful it is too! “Been dipping into it again, and it really is a superb read.” The endorsement, top right,  on the front cover looks ace as well!
(13) Overcast Berkshire / Midlands – Another mighty (put the world to right) project catch-up with designer extraordinaire, Mr Paul S. "A number of projects for the New Year were discussed."
- Another busy day of updating the text on this site…
- Plus, confirmation was received that another year in “Lawford-Land” had been … guaranteed… “Bliss”
(11) Ontario, Canada – A very sad day for fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey and movie buffs alike; Douglas Rain, the voice of the rather eerie, HAL 9000 computer in the movie, passed away, aged 90 at the St. Mary's Memorial Hospital outside Stratford, Ontario. “What a man, what a voice,” Keith said in tribute, “you played the part so very, very well. No one could have done it better. We thank you.” (2001: A Space Odyssey is still, by far, by a landslide the greatest film EVER made!)
(9) South Coast / London/ Berkshire – The mastered, 50 years anniversary edition of The Beatles (aka The White Album) was released today and Keith spent of the late morning/ early afternoon dissecting the double album on various BBC Radio stations…
- News on the rather “alternate project”? It’s getting nearer…
(6-9) South Coast – Another highly successful business trip out to “Lawford-Land”…
(5) WWW – Keith reached the 450 connections mark on the worldwide business site, Linkedin.
(2) London, England – An invite was received (via Getty) to attend the retirement party of Robin James, a long-running, most reliable employee of the BBC. “A true professional, his expertise in the industry will be sadly missed.”