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Thursday, 29 March 2018

November 2017 - Kenney Jones, Carnaby Street, Matt B, RC, Marilyn and Queen!

(23/24) Cold Berkshire / the North – Updates on this site took place today, notably the pictures of Kenney Jones (from two days earlier)…see pic section.

- Plans for next week, business-wise were also formulated today.

(23) Cold, overcast Berkshire – Several chats about several, forthcoming TV/ movie projects were discussed today… over the obligatory mobiles.

(22) Carnaby Street, London – Keith attended a rather impressive event in world famous Carnaby Street; a statue celebrating the legendary, Lord John. Doing the honours, none other than the classic ex-Small Face/ Faces drummer, Kenney Jones. Other notables present today, legendary 60s columnist/ publicist, Keith Altham and the superb TV comedian, Matt Berry. “Great talking to you both,” Keith said.
(20) Italy – Many thanks to “Ettoreil” for his five-star rating of Marilyn (kindle edition) on Amazon in Italy. His description of it, “ECCELLENTE”… “Thank you!”
(15/16/17) Cold, but Sunny Berkshire – Besides preparing this year’s annual Birthday Tour, Keith continued with email catch-ups and more work renovating his house. “They don’t call me the storage box King for nothing, ya know.”  
(16/17) Overcast Berkshire – A Punk-related documentary was quickly started… and swiftly shelved... within two short days.  
(13) Berkshire – Another RC Rockin’ was started, this month, George Harrison and Ringo Starr’s 1988 appearance on LWT’s Aspel & Co.
(11) UK / Europe – The latest Record Collector crashed through letter boxes of subscribers across the land and featured Keith’s piece on Wings’ 1979 appearance on Tyne-Tees’s Saturday Shake-Up.
(10) USA – A big thank you to “Rendi C” for their 5-star rating of Marilyn on Goodreads
(6-9) South Coast – Another business-related trip out to “Lawford-Land” and most enjoyable it was too.
(3) UK / (9pm UK TV time) European premiere of Queen: Rock The World. (Repeated later at 1am.) “A most memorable viewing of that inaugural screening took place for me that night,” Keith announced.
(2/3) Cold Berkshire – Video grabs of the latest Rockin’ The Box for Record Collector were prepared and sent over.