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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

October 2018 - Beatles, Beach Boys, Queen, Circus '68 and a Rolls Royce!

(31) Chilly Berkshire / twinned with Ireland – Another big day for rare archive finds when Keith was informed by the ever reliable, CM that a small portion of a very rare, long-lost Beatles appearance had been found…

- Meanwhile, the long awaited, most excellent, must-have, Beach Boys book, Endless Wave, by the group’s assistant, and bodyguard, Rushton “Rocky” Pamplin, and movie producer, Ron Hamady was released and could be found (and purchased) over on Keith’s endorsement of the mighty fine publication could be seen… (get this) on the front cover!! “Oh yeah!... Well done to everyone who worked on this most splendid book and to Steve Love who magnificently pulled it all together. My hat (if I was wearing one) goes off to you.”

(30) Cold / Chilly Berkshire / twinned with the Midlands – The "rather alternate" movie project idea rumbled on… “and thankfully it still looks promising."

(26) UK/ Europe – The wonderful 2017 documentary, Queen: Rock The World, which featured Keith’s archive research, was screened again on BBC Four this evening at 9pm…

(25) Not too bad / pretty mild London – Yet another trip into the City to meet (at 12:45pm) the property tycoon, entrepreneur and all round nice guy, Laurence Lameche. His recent ‘Imagine’ World Record attempt and a number of interesting, some rather funny business ideas (as well as Arsenal FC) were thrown around and discussed during the (hugely enjoyable) 5-hour conference.

- Overcast Berkshire / Cold London – With lightning speed, interest in the paper about the Circus ’68 anniversary feature… seemingly and suddenly… bit the dust!!

(23) Sunny but Cold Berkshire / twinned with London and the North – With amazing speed, the UK paper took the bait and made an approach, saying they were interested in the idea and keen to run a piece. And so the negotiations began…

(18-19-22) Sunny / Overcast / Chilly Berkshire – With the 50th anniversary fast approaching, Keith moved up a gear on how to sell the remaining stock of Stones Circus ’68 books… On the Monday, following receipt of new presentation artwork for it, an approach was made to one leading UK paper.

(12) Overcast / Sunny / Windy Berkshire – Pictures (for uploading onto this site) were sorted and sent over to (the truly wonderful, ever so delightful webmistress) AM …

- Another busy day at Chez Badman with emails, phone calls and even more house renovations…

- Stocks of the paperback version of Marilyn were replenished on

(10) USA/ the World – Massive big thanks to “LilMrsScareAll” for her five-star “it was amazing” review of Marilyn on the Goodreads site.

- “What an incredible, action-packed two hours… And afternoon, for that matter.” Keith received a massive flurry of text and phone resulting in the most truly exciting developments re the new "rather alternate" movie project and (that evening) the proposed, new Beatles-related movie… “Oh yeah! Simply Sensational!”

(9) West End London, Jerusalem Bar – An ‘Imagine’ World Record sing-a-long attempt, organised by Laurence Lameche and his colleagues, took place in Central London. The place was packed solid. After one re-count, it resulted in a draw 72-72, with the previous record attempt, who (by coincidence) also sang the 1971 John Lennon track. “Well done, Laurence and your friends. So, so proud of you all.” A splendid time was certainly had by all… “Imagine all the people…”

- A most wonderful replica of the Beatle’s 1967 psychedelic Rolls Royce stood on the road outside. Keith (naturally) had several pictures taken with it. (See photo page) So too did the Lennon look-a-like / sound-a-like, Jimmy Coburn (from the Cavern Club Beatles) who performed that night a most wonderful assortment of Lennon and Beatles numbers.

(4) Overcast Berkshire – Keith had another in-depth, most interesting conversation with the film and record producer, Reynold D S.

(3) Overcast, yet Sunny Berkshire – Decluttering Chez Badman even further was the name of the game today … on the day it was announced that The Beatles’ famed engineer, Geoff Emerick had sadly passed away. “Another tragic loss to the group’s community.”

(2) Overcast Berkshire – Time to move on the stock of Circus ’68 books. So contact was made with journalist, and Keith’s great friend, Robert M about a planned 50 years celebration article of the event in a leading UK paper.

(1)Leafy Berkshire – Another monstrously busy day with (highly optimistic) discussions regarding the developing "alternate" movie project and the new Beatles-related film.