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Thursday, 13 September 2018

February 2018 - RC, Demo Reel, Lennon, Marilyn and Jagger...

(27-28) Snowy, slippery, freezing Berkshire – That time again, another Rockin’ the Box article for Record Collector magazine. This month, Mick Jagger’s legendary, 1967 appearance on Granada ITV’s World In Action.

-Invoices were prepared/ paperwork tidied.

(23 – 26) Cold Berkshire – Archive film research on the new “Bullion” movie project was completed.

(20 - 21) Sunny but Cold Berkshire – Two rather busy days, split between Lennon research, future movie plans and further archive trawls for a proposed “Bullion Robbery” TV film…
- Still there. Marilyn (paperback version) was spotted in the #6 position in the “Most Wished For in Monroe, Marilyn” section on Amazon Canada.

(19) Chilly Berkshire - The first proper day of archive research on the new Lennon project.
- While a meeting was taking place in London, Keith confirmed the first interviewee for the new film.
- Loose ends... Tidying up of business on the Rock n Roll Circus book project.

(17) Cold Berkshire – Further great news when it was revealed (in a phone call this afternoon) the new John Lennon movie documentary has been given the go-ahead…. Now the hard work begins.

(15/16) Freezing Berkshire – Further research work on the new “Bullion” robbery movie.

(8) Wandsworth, South West London – A trip out to see Alan G and producer, Alexis to discuss the ongoing new movie ideas.
- The 2017 movie, It Was Fifty Years Ago Today (which featured Keith's archive research) continued its run on the immensely popular movie channel, NetFlix…

(7) Freezing Berkshire – Early, pre-production work continued on two projects, most notably the one on John Lennon.

(6) Windsor, Berks – Another almighty catch-up with the legendary 60s/70s photographer, Mike Randolph.
- The new Lennon project continues to move along nicely towards being given the go-ahead.

(5) Cold Berkshire / London – A rather exciting new TV show idea was submitted to Channel 5 in London. "Fingers crossed."
- A discussion with director, Alan G. A meeting was arranged for this coming Thursday (the eighth).

(2) Cold Berkshire – Busy day of emails and phone calls, discussing various, highly exciting new projects and the update of… Marilyn.

(1) Still cold Berkshire – A most frustrating discussion with Royal Mail… the letter (send the third week of December) still has not arrived, same for a complaints form about it… "Disgusting!"