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Thursday, 13 September 2018

January 2018 - Freezing, Marilyn, Laurel & Hardy, the Rock Gods and new ideas,,,

(31) Freezing Berkshire –Archive research work on a new movie project, set in the early 1980s.

(27) UK – The latest edition of Record Collector, featuring Keith’s McCartney / Pink Floyd 1967 piece crashed thru the letter boxes of subscribers across the country.

(22) Freezing Berkshire – Conclusion of the Laurel & Hardy text re-write.

- Marilyn (paperback edition) was seen at #3 in the “Most Wished For In Monroe, Marilyn” section on Amazon Canada.

(19) Marilyn still doing well… Many thanks to “Nova Ferguson” for her five-star “it was amazing” review on the Goodreads site.

(15/ 17/19) Freezing Berkshire – Three days proof-reading of a new, rather exciting Laurel & Hardy script.

(19) – Canada – Still hanging in there… A wonderful surprise when the softback edition of Keith’s Marilyn suddenly climbed to #3 in the “Most Wishes for in Monroe, Marilyn” section of Amazon Canada.
- Not publicly announced, but it was revealed today, by those closely involved in the project that the secret, new Beatles-related movie has been put back by almost a year…

(18) Freezing Berkshire – Loads of film / TV projects discussed. One in particular, looks like starting at the end of February. Fingers crossed.

(15) USA – Sad death of Paul Goresh… the photographer who befriended his hero, John Lennon and took that infamous photo of Lennon with… RIP, Paul and thanks.

(10) Cold but Sunny Berkshire – Yet another film / TV project idea was typed-up and worked on…
- The results of the two-day, Rod Gods research was typed and sent over to QPL.
- The latest RC / RTB article was wrapped and sent. “All go here, even tho I’m suffering again with bronchitis.”

(9) Leafy Cold Berkshire – second day of Rock Gods research.
- Big news when it was revealed (to those concerned) that, with funding almost in place, the go-ahead on another of the ongoing, rather exciting projects was pretty much guaranteed. Filming of it is set to begin in March.
- Marilyn (kindle edition) suddenly returned to the #3 position in the “Most Wished For in Monroe, Marilyn” section on Amazon Canada.
- Another RC… this time the March 1967 Granada TV programme, So Far Out It’s Straight Down featuring (amongst others) Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney.

(8) Leafy Berkshire / UK – Colleagues of Keith’s returned to work and our Mr Badman began the year by researching a new project featuring The Rock Gods!

(5) Sunny Berkshire – Back on emails and the contacts list of Keith’s Linkedin account suddenly exceeded the 403 mark!
- Amazon Canada. The paperback version of Marilyn suddenly climbed to the #12 position in the “Best Sellers in Monroe, Marilyn” section of the site.

(3) Berkshire – Keith’s lengthy, Christmas / New Year concluded with a catch-up with his old mate of over thirty years, Mike D.
- The afternoon was spent doing some preliminary research on a new Queen-related project.

(2) Berkshire – An almighty catch-up with a long time, friend, Daniel J...

(1) UK/ Europe – A cracking start to the year when BBC Four repeated the superb Queen rockumentary, Rock The World at 10pm this evening.