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Monday, 17 September 2018

March 2018 - TV / Movie ideas, Marilyn, Jones, Beatles...

(29) Overcast, Rather Cold Berkshire – At last, after a delay of eight months, this website finally received a major text update, with entries for August to November 2017 being added.
- Another lengthy, most interesting project catch-up with financier, Peter from Jersey.
- Still hanging in there. The paperback version of Marilyn was to be found in the #13 position in the “Most Wished For In Monroe, Marilyn” section on Amazon Canada. “Incredible!”
- And many thanks to “Andreea” for her five-star, “it was amazing” rating of Marilyn on Goodreads. “Thank you.”

(27 – 28) Sunny, but Cold Berkshire – Further frantic work on the Brian Jones documentary project. More potential financiers were furnished with the production info they required.
- Family matters (on the 28th) were top of the agenda today and an evening meeting was attended to.
- Lengthy conversation (on the 27th) about the Brian Jones project with the idea’s co-owner, Reg.

(22) Overcast Berkshire – A terrifically busy day spent typing emails and texts, taking/making phone calls, and downloading WeTransfer files for the proposed Brian Jones project.

(21) Sunny Slough (twinned with the Midlands) – Update conversations on the two proposed movie projects and… it looked promising. More news soon!
- Brief bit of archive research on the upcoming Beatles film which focused on their early years.

(19) Sunny, but cold Berkshire – Day of emails, project catch-ups and a hook-up with old friend, Gary S.

(18) Snowy Berkshire – Seven months after his return to the concert stage, Keith received a most pleasant surprise… to play drums with an "about to reform" local band.

(17) Goodreads – We’re on a roll here. Yet another five-star, Marilyn rating, this time from “Stockfish”. “Thank you both.”

(15) Goodreads – Another five-star, Marilyn rating, this time from site reader, “stef”…

(13) Central London – A 1pm meeting at “The Office” with Alan G, Terry Tel Rawlings and Paul McEvoy to discuss the recently rejuvenated Brian Jones movie project.

(12) Chilly Berkshire – A busy day sorting future Record Collector articles and typing outstanding invoices.

- Keith received news that the Odeon Entertainment film, about The Beatles’ early years, in which he was interviewed, was finally nearing completion and was set to receive a Liverpool cinema screening in / around July of this year. “Watch this space!”

(11) Warming-up Berkshire – A wonderful day celebrating Mothers everywhere (especially Keith’s truly great one)…

- A sad loss, legendary comedian, Ken Dodd passed away.

(9) Still chilly Berkshire – Great news was received about the Marilyn book to movie idea.

(5-8) South Coast – Another (slightly relaxing) trip down to Lawford-Land… the summer season beckoned, and there was lots of work to do.

(2) Goodreads – Many thanks to “Katrine Maxwell” for her top “it was amazing” five-star rating of Marilyn on the top book-reading site.

(1) Another freezing cold, and snowy day in Berkshire – Various commitments / errands were sorted today including the sorting of a new storage facility.

- Out of the blue, following a conversation with producer, Alexa Morris, it looked like a new movie idea was about to get the “green light.” Watch this space!